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Grungy Paper

Plastic free solution for your tidy kitchen.

Browse our full range of Brooms and Fibres here.


New Maker

Rondo collection

Imai Ritsuko

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Grungy Paper

Every item we stock can be unique gift,  but nicely packed Japanese incense are especially popular.

Grungy Paper

Boxed art scarves with wonderful artworks by Ajiro Kosuke printed all over.

two persimmons' new artist sends his greetings before the launch of his exclusive collection. Stay tuned.

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Grungy Paper

Washi is the word for handmade Japanese paper. Our paper items are beautifully decorated with Katazome stencil-dyed Washi, with infinite colour/design variations.


Season's Calling 2024 Calendar

Pre-Order here.

Greeting cards, books and prints good to send to your loved ones or to be displayed at your home.


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Grungy Paper

Beautiful tools make your small moments shine. Give yourself a little feel-good factor by using a very well-made tools.

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